To commence this topic I would like to start off with a bit of terminology delineation.

So here’s what the term master means to me: When you’re a master, there’s a slave. Sort of like you own something. It’s the Masters duty to control the slave so that he can comply with orders. So when you call someone master, and address them as master, you are treated as a slave.
If you’re a master, say a master chef or composer, you have mastered this discipline to the fullest extent possible.
How can you have mastery over a ring sport that you have never participated, competed or fought a day in your life in this style?

Muay Thai is a RING SPORT. Where you fight someone to find out who is the best. It has nothing to do with being a Master or Slave.

If you want traditional martial arts there are a ton of them. Karate, Kung Fu, Akido, Taekwondo, etc. You practice Muay Thai because you want to get into a ring sport and see what you can do with it.

But if your teacher is a MASTER, how can he call himself master if he never participated in the sport?

Now lets tackle the term KRU. Are we in Thailand? Why are we calling people KRU? Well since we’re not in Thailand, we don’t speak Thai, it’s not our culture background and we’re in North America/Europe, why do we still have to call our instructor KRU? Why don’t we call him teacher which is the true definition?
And why do we have to bow when we enter the DOJO?

White naïve rich people usually fall for this mystic Asian bullshit and I personally know this is a cash grab.

Let us re-visit back to 2001 when Panya Kratius of Mike Miles Gym conducted over 20 seminars across Canada at 60 bucks a pop per person over a 26 day span. This is just one example of many seminars going on throughout North American where so called “masters” of the sport are teaching very basic OVER PRICED Muay Thai.

This particular article is broad. I will go more in depth on the fraud like behaviors of the ‘masters’ and will be exposing the truth with many examples to back things up.


One Response to “Secret of the Masters”

  1. Dreadsen said


    It’s about time someone fought the good fight when it comes to this bullshit. I can’t even stomach the teachers that require people go along with this cult type of mentality.

    Now! Fred Degerberg here is the same way. He has what they call a RING RANKING system. I believe the highest is silver??? which is master. They have colors just like belts but there are not belts. This man has never did Muay Thai a day in his damn life and eventually his name got to the top of the list of master. He also did this with Savate. I don’t know the history of him and savate. Maybe he does have real experience in it. But i got there when it was developing and i know he didn’t know shit. He was already a super over weight budah looking type of person when it got started.

    So Add Fred Degerberg to your list.

    Now add the term AJARN to this discussion as well. Now in Thailand someone with that title is EXTREMELY RARE. I know Apidet has the title but he is a national treasure. Only maybe 2 or 3 people are commonly known with this title. Someone help me out here with the status of the actual THAIS with this title. And i bet you these thais are almost walking Gods.

    So how does this explain the white westerner who becomes Ajarn?
    If Sakasem or Bookerd don’t even go by those terms then how in the hell can a white guy who never stepped in the ring get these titles?
    Sakasem has over 250 fights and he won the Hong Kong Open. And he doesn’t even want you to call him KRU let alone Ajarn. He says Kru makes him sound old.

    Why do these westerners have this superiority complex when it comes to titles? They have to feel important so they have to self appoint themselves to supreme almighty potentate levels to make up for their lack or non existence ring experience.

    All Followers of this cult system need to wake up. And if you choose to stay in this system and abide by it do so because it is the only school in your area then that is fine. But if your dumb ass tries to defend this false hierarchy with out shame then YOU yourself are contributing to diminishing the integrity of the sport.

    Step out of Plato’s Cave


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