Pride goeth before destruction, and an haughty spirit before a fall.
Better it is to be of a humble spirit with the lowly, than to divide the spoil with the proud.
 Proverbs 16: 18-19 (KJV)

I find this quote very applicable to what this topic will bring to light. Aside from invoking the bible for a summation of an obvious statement there is truly a broadly applicable truth to be found here.

The ever important title of master is adhered to by those least deserving of it. What would make a self-proclaimed master object to its use by another?

Simply put, if you do something that Miles does not agree with or if you break ties with Miles, he is going to spill his load on you.
Why would you dedicate a page to alumni of Miles National Kickboxing only to degrade them and to talk poorly about them and try to destroy their reputation on a world wide forum viewable by all? Only Mike Miles has the answer to that question.
For a better insight on this please check out Darren Robson’s fight profile

Why would one work so hard to destroy the reputation of former students and someone who paid their way to train with you? Why actively attack a past customer, former colleague, friend, someone you let into your house for years.
I believe the reason for this article is Mile Miles is jealous because one of his former students also calls himself master. Everything else Miles has stated is peripheral to this point. Whether your student is lightly regarded or highly regarded Miles has made it an active act to denigrate his own student publicly.
As quoted from here is what Mike had to say about one of his highly touted former students:
“Heart/Will – Glass jaw. Hot/cold fighter who could easily give up.”

Feel free to read the rest of this article if you’d like to know more about how to degrade the fighting spirit of a former student. It’s very informative. You may also find it interesting that much of Miles’ own page is given space and effort dedicated to his own self-praised expertise in being basically the best trainer in all of Canada for Muay Thai. Why then would you expose your own shortcomings as a trainer by in essence rendering your efforts with one former student as a complete failure? Apparently being removed from the collective of National Kickboxing is like getting a divorce from a bitter spouse.

Now to the issue of the credibility of the denouncement. How credible is it for a self-proclaimed Arjan to denounce someone else’s standing as a ‘master’ on precisely the same fraudulent claims? In essence the message sent is “There can be only one master’. Perhaps Darren was not yet indoctrinated in the ways of the ‘7 deadly secrets’.

The page against Robson is highly ironic since Miles has his master title under a complete fraud himself and has never had a legit muay thai fight in his life. I encourage anyone reading this article to post a mike miles muay thai fight video.
I have searched the internet day and night and all I could find was mike miles wearing a Gi and black belt with karate pants. There is the odd one of Miles in newly bough Twin trunks he’s never worn in any fight.

I am not against anyone questioning the credibility or rationalist of a claim anyone makes. It’s our responsibility as participants in the sport of Muay Thai to do this. Integrity should always be sought to be maintained and earned. However Mike Miles is not in the position to question anyone’s credibility at all. Especially given his credentials. I don’t know you can say that his paper certificates means anything considering he hasn’t had any fights at all. The better and more qualified instructors have had fights and know and love the sport. Lip service to a fake master is not required.

Everyone by now knows that Miles has run around calling himself Kru or Ajarn. But prior to this he used to call himself Sensei. Is this Sensei/Karate instructor the same Mike Miles who has been a muay thai practitioner and world muay thai champ for 3 decades?
I’ll let you be the judge.


Mike Miles ended his diatribe against Robson with the following:

“What remains for Darren are simple, clumsy, and unmerited attempts at embellishment.”

I say it takes one to know one.


One Response to “Master of Puppets”

  1. Slurpy said

    I found this tidbit via bullshido from a prospective customer and gym member:

    “The bad: Ajarn Mike miles is obssesed with self promotion. When I trained there a few years back he had been awarded a 6th dan in TKD and had not trained TKD in well over 10 years!…but was still awarded a 6th dan! His membership is $70 dollars a month which is average in Calgary now days..but when you cancel…you need 3 months notice and mine did not get cancelled for 6 months after I notified them..which means I paid an additional $210 bucks for nothing”

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