Miles vs Ricci Will Continue!

February 27, 2009

It has freshly been reported that Miles and Ricci will compete in yet another qualifying tournament. As posted on :

Jesse Miles, who won in the highly controversial fight against Alex Ricci in the Canadian /North American Qualifier event on September 20, 2008; The final leg of the Canadian CA2 Qualifier has been set for March in which we’ll get to see both Alex Ricci and Jesse compete in again; thus put to rest once and for all, who has the right to represent Canada on the CA2.

This is great news to take notice of Jesse who has fully recovered from his broken back injury in just weeks!
If there is anyone out there who can elaborate on this news, your feedback is constantly welcome.


3 Responses to “Miles vs Ricci Will Continue!”

  1. The Gooch said

    Check your sources….

    Miles v Ricci II is not happening in March. Miles is booked to fight on March 7th in Calgary already.
    Ricci was offered a rematch twice and could not come to terms.

  2. The Gooch said

    By the way, Miles injured his back in late December, early January….so from January to March is not exactly a couple of weeks. More like a couple of months.

  3. Slurpy said

    I Don’t think it may happen David Zuniga recently beat Ricci and fairly completely.

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