Miles vs Dally is OFF!

January 14, 2009

News just in, Alex Dally vs Jesse Miles is officially a NO GO.
As report by Stu Holden from ax discussion:

Jessie Miles has had to pull out of his fight against Alex as he has injured his back and doctors have told him not to fight to prevent any further or more damage. Hopefully this fight will be re-matched this year.

This excuse leaves a lot of room for speculation and unanswered questions.
Is Jesse Miles going to be prepared physically/mentally for the Contender Asia?
Is this back injury excuse an interpretation for “I give up”
Will Alex Ricci take the place of Jesse if he cannot complete on the TV show?

I would like to hear from the fighters/coaches themselves. This is a private blog and all forms of criticisms are welcomed.


8 Responses to “Miles vs Dally is OFF!”

  1. Slurpy said

    Some how Miles will find a way to make this a ‘win’ despite Jesse once again failing to show.

  2. TheMessenger said

    When people who get KTFO’d still find a way to win. I bet you this fight which Jesse didn’t even fight mysteriously turns into a 10-8,10-9,10-7 in favor of Jesse. despite the fight never happening. nothing surprises me after the last atrocity.

  3. Nyghtsky said

    Its sad that the Canadians will never truly know whether their country is represented by their best in Contender Asia Season Two.

  4. The Gooch said

    How do you know who is even going to the show? It has not been decided yet.

  5. Slurpy said

    How do you know? Because it’s a Contender Qualifier and Miles is in via homecooking/cheating. Are you saying Jesse’s not on it?

  6. Ramone said

    The books are cooked!

  7. woodenman1 said

    I’d like to see the Gooch now explain how jesse has miraculously recovered from a broken back and now found his courage to fight Ricci again. Hardly matters though unless Ricci splatters Jesse early on since it’s Miles and the WMC show again and Miles will just find a new way to cheat.

  8. The Gooch said

    What are you talking about “miraculous” recovery? He was injured at the end of December…it took almost 2 months to heal. How is that a miraculous recovery?

    PS: Miles is not fighting Ricci…Ricci was offered the rematch twice and the sides were not able to agree to terms.

    By the way…in spite of the commission’s decision to overrule the referee’s decision, it was the WMC who ordered a rematch to resolve the situation. I am saying the WMC/Contender ordered a rematch to sort it out. So it is actually not a s cut and dry as you think, BUT….the sides have not agreed to terms. So at this point it is really up to the Contender producers to decide who to take if they cannot put a rematch together.

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