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3 Responses to “alex-ricci-over-jessie-mile1”

  1. David Kunz said

    Although I appreciate publicity, there has been NO request or authorization for the use of my image for this post.

    I am the photographer of this photo and must know who it is that posted it and from where it was aquired.

    My intention is not to stomp around and have a temper tantrum; instead, must protect myself from unauthorized circulation of my copyrighted images in use potentially damaging situations.


    David Kunz

    AvatarA Photography

  2. David Kunz said

    Nope, i am cool thanks for letting me know who you are.

    I do TRULY appreciate that this photo inspires enough emotion to warrant a discussion group, for that is the ultimate compliment to the photographer or journalist.

    With that said; I do however request that you moderate the discussion group accordingly so that it is clean, respectful and does not bring any negative association to this image for it is attached to my name and is representative of my work. It is simply a moment in time, one surrounded by controversy that I was fortunate to capture as an objective observer to the outcome.

    Take care, treat people with universal respect and do not stand down if you truly believe in what you have to say — just choose your words wisely.

    Thank you,


  3. David Kunz said

    I am the photographer who took these photos and feel that I have been mislead with the intention behind this discussion.

    Disclaimer: in NO way am I friends of this discussion, nor am I affilliated with the Mike Miles organization in any way.

    I WILL state for the record as an objective observer that this fight was fought clean and fair. Jessie knocked down Alex several times & clearly won the first two rounds before he himself was knocked down in the third.

    The bell rang by the timekeeper before he was counted out so therefore the judgement ruling goes to points not by knockout.

    According to these rules and governances that are clearly stated in the contest rules and agreed upon by all fighters prior to the bouts, the winner by points would therefore be Jessie Miles.

    In NO WAY was this a controvention of any fight rules or foul play on the part of Mike Miles or any of the organizers of the events. I am not privy to any details regarding re-matches or otherwise and hence will not comment without due dilligence in the matter.

    Opinions are fair to express but are clearly bullshit if one does not know the facts and were to simply base their judgments on circumstantial evidence such are the images I have taken.

    For this reason I request that all accusations be limited to those who witnessed the event or are in posession of clear, indisputable evidence to the contrary.

    Not a request, I demand that any and all of my images be removed for I cannot affort to be part of this rigamarol. If they are to be used I require clear communication of the intent and purpose for which you wish to do so.


    David Kunz

    AvatarA Photography.

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