You call this a Win?

November 18, 2008

How is it possible for this man to be declared winner?


3 Responses to “You call this a Win?”

  1. Slurpy said

    No, I don’t call that a win. I call that WMC and Miles hard at work robbing another win from the better fighter.

  2. David Kunz said

    I am the photographer who took these photos.

    Disclaimer: in NO way am I friends of this discussion, nor am I affilliated with the Mike Miles organization in any way.

    I will state for the record as an objective observer that this fight was fought clean and fair. Jessie clearly won the first two rounds, and was knocked down in the third.

    The bell rang by the timekeeper before he was counted out so therefore the judgement ruling goes to points not by knockout.

    According to these rules and governances that are clearly stated in the contest rules and agreed upon by all fighters, the winner by points would therefore be Jessie Miles.

    In NO WAY was this a controvention of any fight rules or foul play on the part of Mike Miles or any of the organizers of the events.

    I allowed the use of my image for fair discussion only with the request that the originator of this post monitor the discussion and not direct it an any manner.

    Opinions are fair to express but are clearly bullshit if one does not know the facts and were to simply base their judgments on circumstantial evidence such are the images I have taken.

    For this reason I request that all accusations be limited to those who witnessed the event or are in posession of clear, indisputable evidence to the contrary. If the discussion continues through neaderthal opinion such as this I demand that any and all of my images be removed for I cannot affort to be part of this rigamarol.


    David Kunz

    AvatarA Photography.

  3. Slurpy said

    I witnessed this event from beginning to end. Your photos only document the facts of the ensuing controversy and robbery that ensued following Jesse’s KO. Since you bring neither facts nor comments of any kind other than some bizarre off comments about your photographs I’d suggest you either make a stand one way or another.

    Your objectivity is pretty questionable since that knock down was actually a knock out.

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