November 18, 2008

Hello all and welcome to the freewrld blog. This blog is dedicated to all the people who have been screwed over by Mike Miles at his fight promotions, at weigh ins, during match making etc. The purpose of this blog is to raise awareness to people on an International level of the behind the scene shenanigans that goes on during fight promotions here in Canada.

Since our latest topic of conversation was banned on a public forum. So myself and a group of other dedicated muay thai enthusiasts and competitors have decided to discuss Miles fraudulent tactics elsewhere.

Miles former students are invited to take part in this discussion, as they are fully aware of his crookedness on a personal level.

I would like to start off by talking about the Contender Canada Qualifier that took place on Sept. 20, 2008 at the telus convention center in Calgary.

During this event there were numerous suspicious activites that questioned the credibility, of the entire show. The name drawing, the ringside supervisor, Miles Jr. getting a freebee to the finales and winning by getting TFKO all clearly demonstrate this.

Let the video speak for itself.

I for one will continue to protest this until the WMC will understand that no one in Canada is going to continue to tolerate this kind of corruption in the muay thai scene.


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  1. slurpy said

    Interesting to note the youtube video has been pulled down with the following message:

    This video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by Calgary Amateur Kickboxing and Muay Thai Association

    Typical practice from what I am told of Miles and his practices.

  2. GasTank said

    Miles is a Douchebag.

  3. zugzug said

    Hes just going to get his head kicked in in the first fight when he goes on the show. Its going to be hilarious.

    To be honest, they both look like amateurs. Neither can stay out of the clinch for more than a few seconds, and whoever does clinch cant do anything with it!

    Oh well.

    What was the justification for overthrowing the decision btw?

  4. freewrld said

    There was no justification or an official press release explaining the overturned decision, it was done behind closed doors.
    All we have is the video and this has left many Canadian fight fans confused as to why Miles is now on the show??

  5. Clinch Killer lol said

    Hey Zugzug, why dont u step into the ring with Ricci and lets see how u move?? Everyone like to talk shit outside the ring but become pussies inside.

  6. bobby643 said

    totallt clinch, lets see zugzug step in with either of them, just want to say notice the time on the video, afterall that is why this is being reviewed, it is past 3 minutes when the ref waves off the fight, wmc rules specifically state the fighter can be saved by the bell in the final round, making the overuling seem pretty legit

  7. Slurpy said

    It’s hilarious to me how many times the Calgary contingent goes back to the commission which is Miles hand puppet along with the promotion and of course the management. Ricci got robbed badly and I for one am very glad this is eeing the light of day on how Miles robs yet another fighter of an earned victory.

    When are people going wise up and stop doing business with Mike Miles? Do you enjoy your hard work being ripped off? Do you enjoy semi to full fixed matches? Have you developed a stomach of self-aggrandizing based on a bunch of lies?

    Miles and company are as representative of Muay Thai as AOL was of the internet. the only people that buy into miles’ BS is Miles’ own people and morons.

  8. ManosdePiedra said

    My thoughts as posted on another site, however, had little response considering its truth….

    First, let me say this: I have experienced the fight game as a fighter, a cornerman, a judge, and a referee – all angles that you can really enjoy a fight. I am not affiliated with any gyms, however, remain a strong supportor of the sport. I have dealt with Mike Miles previously several times as well. He is an excellent businessman. Whenever he had promoted matches, we had our gas and hotel covered without any problems. His events are highly stressful on those who organize it to make things run smoothly – there is a lot of behind the scenes chaos that people don’t usually see – with the end product being an event that runs like clockwork. I have experienced cards where if you don’t control the card – the card controls you. In other words, you need someone to take charge to let things run smoothly and in a timely manner. His fighters, like everyone else, struggle to make weight – with Miles really enforcing the weight limit on his own fighters as well (stringently so).

    He and his promotional team really has made a name for himself and his gym – to the point where the exposure gained has nearly monopolized the market (he cornered TSN to broadcast his Canadian kickboxing matches, and has a good deal going with the Fight Network as well). Been around a long time to be a pioneer in the sport for exposure in Canada – and make it profitable – to the point where he is able to make a franchise and market numerous gyms (very difficult to maintain financially as well as through consistent coaching).

    His involvement with numerous organizations (WKA, IKF, WMC, IFMA, etc) over the years have associated Canadian muay thai with “Mike Miles”. His name carries a lot of clout with these organizations through a history of dedication and hard work.

    Now, when you’re “big man on campus” – things can work for you and against you. When you’re up on a pedestal, people take notice of you and can be critical of you. I know that many people have dealt with him in the past, some in a positive way, and others in a negative way. When you’re the promotor of the event and have the opportunity to choose officials (refs and judges), then there is a duty for these individuals to remain unbiased in their decisions. Biaseness with suspect decisions to hometown fighters really tarnish the sport as well as the integrity of the promotor.

    I must say, though, that I have personally seen several travesties when dealing with him in the past. As for those wishing “proof” – my apologies, I did not videotape or audiotape these conversations, nor have conveniently archived videotapes of old matches, nor have any notorized letters pertaining to as such. Granted, these are not isolated incidents. The burden of proof may be thought of collecting similar experiences from other gyms that were treated in a similar manner so that by a collection of similar incidences, the burden of proof can be such in a way that the events transpired can be considered “more likely than not/reasonable to have happened” as opposed to “Beyond a reasonable doubt”. Listen, this isn’t criminal court where someone can be put to death (requiring “beyond a reasonable doubt” these events transpired), moreso as in civil court cases where it can be considered that “it is reasonable that these events happened” if they have occurred numerous times with different sources. Besides the point, it becomes a “he said this and did this/ No I didn’t” type of argument. Regardless, that’s beyond the issue.

    The events that I have seen as well as anecdotally elsewhere:
    People with fewer than 3 fights fighting against his Canadian champions.
    Judging where when his fighter has been knocked down (in a 3 round fight), with the remaining rounds being VERY close or even, his fighter STILL wins the match (do the math – the fight either goes as a draw if his fighter won 2/3 rounds or to the fighter that knocked his down)
    Record padding of his fighters opponents so as to allow the crowd to think that they are watching 2 evently matched opponents.
    Biased officiating: where the referee will break the action when Miles’ fighter does not have the upper hand in a muay thai clinch.

    Disputes that were taken to the sanctioning association where the official in charge of reviews would not even CONSIDER looking at the presented videotape as “Mike Miles events always run with the highest authority”. In other words, if you wanted to protest a decision on one of his events, and the sanctioning body would not even look at the videotape – then why is there an appeals process?

    Disputing fight results where his fighter has lost clearly, yet looking to appeal it (of course, on foreign soil) with zero grounds to base it on….. only to get turned away. It seems he has an easier time appealing decisions on his own home turf rather than abroad.

    Stopping the bleeding of a cut (with a punch) in his corner rather than having a doctor inspect it in the neutral corner – which isn’t so bad, except that the referee had stopped the time mid-round to do so!

    Let’s not forget about his excuses for the losses of his premier fighters found on his website – it’s never a case of “he lost to a better fighter”, moreso about something else…. give credit where credit is due!

    Disallowing the use of video equipment at any of his fights – televised or not. Presumably so that his fighters can’t be studied on the tape (you can’t even videotape your own fight). (Watching Mr. Miles himself tape up the signs stating as such prior to the recent tournament event in Calgary attests to his involvement with the promotion of the recent fights in Calgary).

    I have seen a close 3 round fight in Calgary, where our fighter won a very close decision (realistically could have gone either way)…. yet, Miles had the audacity to have the fight reviewed and the decision was overturned to a draw – again behind closed doors. It seems that if you can complain without having the other team there to rebut, then, you have a chance at winning.

    The difficulty in attaining contracts from him – if you want him to come fight on your show, it’s very difficult to get arranged with in advance… yet, he will surely invite you to fight on his cards with 2 weeks notice. Yes, it can be foolish to compete on such short notice, but enticing to a fighter at the same time…. how fair is it that if his fighter is completely prepared, yet, able to find some chump to fight last notice? Just look on his website where he’s repeatedly been thankful to have a last minute replacement. Is it that necessary to round out the card with last minute replacements? Granted, that’s the nature of the sport to have opponents back out last minute due to injury or what have you, but, it’s usually his fighter that battles the last minute fill in and rarely the converse.

    Mismatching – just the nature of the beast at times in Canada where the competition can be limited. Often times his fighter will give up weight to fight a less experienced fighter, or, will give up experience to fight a much lighter fighter. Again, just the nature of the beast to fill up a card or gain ring experience. And yes, there can be “international competition” if you fly in people from other countries….. however the calibre of some that are flown in are questionable. It’s very interesting to see his marquee fighters rarely fight worldclass foreigners (K-max level fighters are in abundance!)

    And yes, there are problems with being the coach/promotor/matchmaker as is the case in most kickboxing shows in Canada. Again, the nature of the beast. Exposure is limited and there’s a limited number of people that would promote such shows. However, to make comparisons to that with the UFC is laughable…… you might want to consider looking up why Heavyweight Champion Randy Couture was suing the UFC on the precident of the “Muhammad Ali Act”…. the only reason Randy let the case go was because he was not getting any more fights and is on the tail end of his career, with which timing is of the essence.

    Now, to be critical (a critique being a style of writing that discusses pros and cons) of the tournament held in Calgary, of which I had attended:
    As for a public weigh-in? I have seen pictures of the weigh ins (on another site). Every fighter was accounted for and in fight shorts. I am quite sure with that being the case, that every fighter had seen their opponent weigh in (I can only assume that they all made weight). It’s quite common for weigh ins to be held in “private” with only coaches/fighters/officials present, with the mandate that they get to see their opponent weigh in. It’s nothing out of the ordinary.

    I can’t comment on the behind the scenes chaos that it takes to run the show – but as a fan, it was professionally carried out. Again, it had to be an organized chaos considering the nature of the competition as well as being taped for television. The fighter profiles and use of the big screens were amazing, the matches were carried out in a timely manner (a difficult thing to do considering it was a tournament as well as having numerous early KO’s). Although as an informed fight fan, it was difficult to watch Scott Clarke (a polished fighter) fight a kyukoshin tomato can that didn’t even know how to block a kick effectively. Not to take anything away from Clarke, but I would like to see him get matched against someone more up to his level. (Perhaps a match with fellow Canadian Clifton Brown to round off a truly Canadian Contender show?)

    As someone with more knowledge in the fight game, there were numerous faults as well, as well as questions that arise considering Miles’ involvement with the tournament as well as his son being a competitor.

    As Mr. Khan pointed out previously – the matches were NOT random. (Since you fought on the card, you are considered to be a reliable source of information on this). He had stated that the fighters were “drawn” so that an eastern fighter fought a western fighter in the opening bouts….. and those who had not fought each other before…… Can’t say that was random at all, actually. Just as easily, there could have been an “eastern” bracket of fighters and a “western” bracket of fighters so that east meets west in the end. That *could* have been possible. However, the draw of the fighters were NOT random (as we are lead to believe), and made behind closed doors…. which raises numerous questions as to the credibility as to how the event was ran. From a fighter’s point of view, though, each competitor was prepared to fight whomever, whenever (with the exception of Mr. Khan – who had attempted to clear up that issue earlier).

    The advantages to Jesse Miles were numerous, considering the promotion of the fights.
    The order of the opening bouts. Out of 4 bouts in the opening round, there is a 1 in 4 chance that any fighter could have fought the first fight (8 fighters total, 4 opening bouts – do the math). Is there any wonder that Jesse MIles fought in the first fight (even though he had a 75% chance of NOT fighting the first fight)? Fighting first in that tournament offered the advantage of having the longest rest period after the first bout. Was there a “random” selection in the order of the fights as well? Or did Jessie beat out the 1/16 and 1/15 chances that his name wasn’t drawn out first or second? Again, credibility suffers.

    The neutral person in the corner (i.e. the biaseness of having Sandra Bastian – glove runner – in Miles corner to “supervise”). The neutral person in the fighter’s corner’s job is to ensure that no unsportsmanlike advantages are being offered to the fighter between rounds, as well as ensuring the opponent’s safety. For example, they need to make the corner/ref aware of, for example: any illegal substances placed on gloves (not an issue), narcotics being given to fighters (not an issue – although I have seen it before in boxing!), loose tape (not an issue – the rare times that the tape became undone it was cut in due time), elbow pads put on properly (IS an issue – especially when Miles walks to the ring with the elbow pads slipped around the forearms, with the elbow exposed – and was not put in proper position between EVERY round), making sure the fighter isn’t overly greased (IS an issue – considering how greased Miles was, sopped full of vaseline with which he was never wiped down), as well as ensuring no drunken fan attacks the corner. Now if her job was to be this neutral supervisor, how is it that she conveniently turned an eye at such things? Glove runners do not need to be ringside the entire time (only towards the end to collect the gloves). Again, credibility of the event suffers. I realize how difficult it is to have people volunteer for these things, but, I am sure that there could have been some useage of other referees (although I didn’t count how many were at the event – if there were extra – they should be placed in the corners as that neutral person). Even fans were screaming at the ref to wipe down Miles as he glistened full of vaseline.

    The final fight of the tournament was action packed. Back and forth, IMO Ricci won the first round. Miles won the second round 10-7 with the 2knockdowns. The third round: Miles was taking very hard shots throughout, essentially holding on for dear life for most of it. I recall hearing the 10 second slap on the mat; shortly after Ricci dropped Miles. Sitting there, I wonder what would have happened – is there a rule about being saved by the bell?!?! The ref started counting (if it were any other round, it’d have been called off right there as a KO, considering the state MIles was in)….. the bell rang…. immediately afterwards, the ref waived off the fight.
    Now here’s where it gets interesting – considering the “best” referees (within driving distance of course) and officials were at the event, how could they have flubbed this one up?! They should know the rules better than anyone, despite the intensity of the fight and the crowd (the crowd was just roaring!). At least one person amongst the ref/judges should have known about the rule about whether or not the fighter can be saved by the bell (watch any HBO boxing match – and when they announce the rules, they state whether or not the fighter can be saved in any OR the final round – clearly stated as such and it all depends on who/where the bouts are sanctioned). So, I’m sitting in my seat wondering if the fighter can be saved by the bell….. Rules are rules, but when you have “professional” officials, they really did not act in a professional manner in handling the immediate outcome of the fight. I’m sure that there are other qualified referees/judges that could have been brought down for such a presigious event that would have maintained neutrality. Again, they should know the rules better than anyone and should have enforced it. Rarely required? Yes, but should be readily aware of…

    So….. Mr. Miles, like ANY coach would do – appealed the decision. Rightfully so. If that is what was in the rules, then by all means. So….. how was the fight reviewed. If the ref waived off the fight and it was announced as a KO, then at what point did the judges mark the score for the final round on their scoresheet? Did they happen to pencil in the score on the scoresheet EVEN THOUGH IT WAS WAIVED OFF? Did they score it “just in case”? Now, I don’t know what happened at the review, or who reviewed it – but how can you review it off recollection of the fight, or, even from the videotape? Did they have 3 angles of videotapes that motiontracked what the judges eyes were focused on? Because considering how the first round was scored, or the third could justifiably be scored as a 10-7 round considering the complete dominance of Ricci that round PLUS the knockdown….. how could the scores have been reliably tabulated during the appeal?

    Rules are rules, so, it *should* NOT be overturned to Miles…. in all fairness it should be ruled as a TECHNICAL DRAW.

    As much as I’d like Ricci to win this one (and to how he deserved it that much more – considering the route of matches he had endured to get there) – it should remain as a draw…. sadly so. (Even though Jesse was KTFO’d – and I don’t see how he could fare any better if he were to move on in the Contender Asia – his conditioning was poor – especially after having 2 quick fights. Seriously, if he wasn’t in tip top shape for the tournament then how could anyone be convinced that he would be in better shape to fight in a single match?).

    Again – way too many questions that affect the credibility of how the event was ran. The incompetance of the officiating was the icing on the cake. Just calling it as I see it.

  9. ManosdePiedra said

    Long winded – but, again… I’m am dumbfounded as to why 3 professional quality judges as well as the ref had no clue as to whether or not a fighter was saved by the bell in any round…… The shadiness of overturning the decision behind closed doors was merely to rob Ricci.

  10. Slurpy said

    Calgary is an embarrassment. This is precisely why no self-respecting boxer ever fights there, no MMA event of remotest worth and nothing but Miles’ pretend Muay Thai gets shown there. I really don’t comprehend how anyone that loves Muay Thai and wants it to grow takes this guy seriously. Miles is a flat out charlatan in every respect. And I mean business wise, trainer wiser, and ethically.

    If Calgary fight sport men and women ever want to be taken seriously you need to stop dealing with Miles period. That means traveling outside of Calgary, away from WMC (who’s rankling are never updated and they are nigh impossible to get a hold of outside of a hotmail account that goes unanswered). When people are sufficiently tired of being sandbagged by a complete charlatan may be they might pass on the 2nd helping. Until then Calgary will continue on being the joke of all Canada in fightsports.

  11. The Gooch said

    Miles fighters fight and win all over the world. Do you really think he fixes fights in the US, Thailand, Korea, Germany the UK??

    How can the commission be in his pocket? They are appointed by City Council and are guided by a municipal bylaw and advised by the City of Calgary legal dept. Do you really think they care what Mike Miles says or does? This is quite the conspiracy theory that was hatched!

    He filed a protest after the fight event in accordance with the rules. A rule was broken….the count was at 7 when the bell rang. WMC rules say a fighter can be saved by the bell in the last round. Miles was down, but NOT out cold. He was not going to make the count, but in professional bouts unless the guy is in physical danger, officials are instructed to adminster the full 10 count. The rule about saved by the bell was handed out in WRITING at the weigh in. Miles and Ricci were notified by the commission of the review, the procedure and subsequently the result. An official letter was sent to both of them and the WMC. In Hong Kong recently a commission there overturned a decision in a Muay Thai bout. It happens regularly at the world MT championships. PS: Ricci never complained to the commission nor did he file a counter-protest with WMC.

    Calgary maybe an embarassment in your eyes, but it is the only place in Canada where both professional and amateur MT events happen on a regular basis featuring international opponents. I am not an MMA fan, but there are some pretty regular and recognizable MMA fighters who compete in Calgary. Calgary has 4 or 5 MMA promoters in town.

  12. ManosdePiedra said

    International competition does not denote international champions!

  13. ManosdePiedra said

    My question to the Gooch is:

    If the rule about being saved by the bell is IN WRITING, apparently given to all the fighters and officials; shouldn’t the officials be knowledgeable enough to enforce that rule at the event? If the officials are of the highest quality as found in Canada (all apparently found in Alberta), then why was this rule not enforced at the event so as to reduce the amount of controversy with the appeal?

    Whether or not the fighter can be saved by the bell in ANY round is clearly stated before any big HBO boxing event, how is it that this rule was overlooked at this event given its high stature? What is the rationale?

    A “mistake” was made, sure, but given the “high quality” of the officiating, then there should be no gray area here.

  14. Slurpy said

    Explain Candy’s relationship with Miles as a former student. Also explain the link between Miles and CAKMA. And hey look at this Miles is also the WMC arm of North America. This goes beyond collusion. And invite any of you to deny the connection between Miles and Calgary’s state sanction, WMC and CAKMA. I’d love to dispute anything else Miles legions care to bring up. The history of Miles screwing fighters is long.

    Coincidence? I think not. Calgary is a joke of fight sports.

    Also for a Miles’ student you sure have a lot of information about what has or has not been filed by Ricci.

    I cannot re-emphasize the point enough. If you don’t like getting screwed by Miles everyone smart will not fight or support CAKMA events, Calgary and begin the protest that has teeth – boycott and put another fraud out of business.

  15. Slurpy said

    Also Gooch has never been to Vancouver. Miles is not the only game in town and there are many Canadians working very hard to represent the sport truthfully and devoid of the same bullshit Miles perpetuates.

  16. The Gooch said

    CAKMA is a sport organization that most of Miles fighters are members of. They are members so that someone will promote fights for them so they can compete at their given sport. CAKMA helps them travel to competitions, raise money etc. CAKMA is registered with the Alberta government, has an auditable trail of paperwork for everything they do. Check the city of Calgary web page for minutes of all commission meeting. CAKMA holds a promoters license and applies for sanctioning for the events.

    Candy may have been a student for a very brief time 30 years ago, until she went to another gym and competed AGAINST Miles gym for many years. Candy was on the commission years ago and regularly butted heads with Miles. They may be cordial, but they are not best buddies. If you know Candy, you know that she is not a push over for ANYONE.

    Of course there is other Muay Thai in Canada (Vancouver included) They host events occassionally…note that my wording said “regular” events, meaning frequent. Miles fighters often compete on Gionco’s cards in Vancouver as well. They win there too…..guess Miles controls the Vancouver commission as well. PS: I did not say anything about Miles fighters being international champions, although they have won their share of titles abroad.

    Miles is the WMC rep for North America…big deal…that is no secret. The reps from around the world are often involved on multiple levels in the sport. This is not big business. Nobody is getting rich off Muay Thai. In a perfect world there would be tons of people willing to volunteer their time and help out. Instead, most sit on the sidelines, point fingers and criticize. The Alberta Ringsport Officials Association is actively looking for more officials. The Calgary Commission always seems to be short a few members too.

    Is this sport perfect? No…far from it, but it is progressing, the bouts are happening. Miles has been involved in over 300 events in Calgary over the years, averaging 10 bouts per card. That is 3000 out of town athletes coming to Calgary to compete. Find ONE who will say they were told to take a dive or fix a fight. You will find some that have disagreed with the decision…that happens all over the world. You won’t find any who said they weren’t treated well, were not paid their per diem or purse. People say Zubair Khan threw the fight against Jesse Miles. The winner of the tournmant goes to Contender Asia for a 1 in 16 shot at $250k, plus great exposure to their career regardless of when they may be eliminated… much would it have taken to buy out Khan? Did Miles go to his money tree out back of his gym or did he have this kind of money in his wallet??

    In terms of the rules…the chain of command is judges first, referee overrules the judges and the commission can over rule the referee. The officials were aware of the rules and chose to award the fight to Ricci. That is their perogative, in spite of the rule. This is how chain of command works. The appeal was made to the commission….the commission over ruled the referee’s decision. This is permitted and happens in places other than Calgary. Everyone says the officials are corrupt, but the officials chose to award the fight to Ricci in spite of the rule (which they are entitled to do). The officials went AGAINST Miles, not for him. This event may have been a big deal for Muay Thai, but to compare it to an HBO event is apples to oranges. A single fighter on an HBO event would have a fight purse greater than the entire budget of the Canadian qualifier. Not to mention the long history and following boxing has in North America. Due to the growth of MMA in North America, there are fewer and fewer MT fighters. No big conspiracy…pretty simple really. WMC is fine with all this, but would like to remove the controversy with a rematch. To date both sides have not been able to coordinate it, with WMC in the middle trying to set it up.

    Miles must be some kind of super human god to control the City of Calgary, the aldermen who make the bylaws, the lawyers who act as guidance to the alderman, not to mention all of the commission members (Candy is the Chair, but its not a dictatorship…they VOTE on things) He controls all of the officials… many of whom are big time businessmen, he controls CAKMA which is also comprised of professional business people AND from the comfort of his little office in Calgary he also manipulates the WMC in Thailand….becaue the WMC executive in Thailand jump when a little tiny promotion in Canada asks them too. You can debate how ethical any of the people above are, but to suggest that the almighty Mike Miles can control them, whether they are ethical or not, is pretty far fetched.

    Instead of whining on the computer, sign up to be a judge, sign up to be a commission member. Better still, get a promoters license and start promoting events. I am sure it is easy to pull off an event like Contender Asia. Given all the controversy this time around, I am sure CAKMA won’t want to do the event next year….there is a perfect opportunity for someone else to do it. Round up the 7 or 8 supporters on this blog and go for it!! I promise I will buy a ticket (one of the expensive ones) and come.

  17. ManosdePiedra said

    Regarding comparing the official’s awareness of whether or not a fighter can be saved by the bell in any round:

    “Miles has been involved in over 300 events in Calgary over the years, averaging 10 bouts per card. That is 3000 out of town athletes coming to Calgary to compete.”

    Now, realizing that not every judge has judged every time at these events – it sounds like there should have been experienced judges at this event. The result given at this event as announced was based on overlooking this rule – which leads me to believe that the judges were NOT aware of this rule (even though someone had mentioned previously that it was in writing given to the fighters prior to the event). This hurts the credibility of the judges at the event.

    I don’t expect to find that any of the fighters would take dives on a Miles production. When you see how many mismatches occur, no dives need to be taken.

  18. bobby643 said

    thank you gooch, Finally someone with a brain,
    soo let me get this straight, if the judges would have noticed that the time was up and recognized that the bout had ended and awarded Jesse the decision on hand, there would be no problem?? i think not, if that would have happened then you guys would say “the judges are in on the conspiracy” which you have already said- even tho the judges awarded Ricci the victory, it really is simple, the bout ended, saved by the bell is crumby but it is the rule, Granted the judges should have caught it, but the fact that they didn’t doesn’t change anything, if they did Miles would still be the winner!! Soo then lets address this miles brings in mismatches, are you telling me the fighters in the contender were mismatches oh no…sorry, just the guys Jesse fought?? Common!! cuz Zunigas fight with Zubair was rigged and that guy Jesse fought first took a dive, please!! What is the excuse for Jesse dropping Ricci twice in the second round obviously giving him the edge in the decision, a rule is a rule you have to adhere to them, easy and simple, or you can believe the alternative, that miles had it planned from the begining. Use your head,

  19. ManosdePiedra said

    The conspiracy lies in this:

    The judges had awarded Ricci the decision in public. The decision was reversed behind closed doors! A rule that should have been enforced in public was not – the rule (i.e. being saved by the bell) was enforced behind closed doors. It would have been completely understandable had the decision gone to Miles IN PUBLIC with the announcement that the fighter could be saved by the bell in the final round. Not the greatest way to win, sure, but it would have been the honorable way to enforce this written rule in front of the large crowd rather than away, in private, to save face. In other words, time was needed to find a loophole that could have Jesse as the winner. If it was a RULE, with KNOWLEDGEABLE judges at the event, then it should have been enforced. If the rule was not enforced, and was known at the time to the officials – then they acted in an unethical manner! It’s not a matter of Jesse Miles winning the fight, it was in the manner that he won the fight. Shame on the officials!

    It is VERY suspicious that all 3 of the judges plus the referee had “forgotton” about this rule – which leads people to doubt about the professionalism of the officiating at the event.

    The advantages given to Miles were numerous:
    Is there any wonder why his name was drawn to be the first fighter – since the fighters in the first match get the longest rest until the next round.
    Miles first fight was a mismatch. I wonder if anyone in the Canadian circuit had heard of Goungaye prior to the event; or if he had fought in Canada before to rep Canada.
    The constant dropping of the elbow pad – yes, I’ve worn them too, and they do slip down – however, coming to the ring with them around the forearms with the corner/ref adjusting them once or twice during the entire tournament is suspect (it is the ref’s and the corner officials job to ensure the mouthpiece is in as well as proper padding adjusted).
    The amount of vaseline on the glistening Miles should have been wiped down.

    The Zuniga-Khan fight was something else. Essentially: Zuniga lost the first round. The second round was more or less even with the upper hand IMO given to Zuniga. The third round was dominated by Zuniga. Noone knows what exactly happened to Khan’s spirit as he “No Mas” against Miles – and I can’t say what happened what happened after his fight with Zuniga. Was he injured? Was he not fit to continue? Giving up the way he did was disrespectful for his previous opponent as well as the fans of muay thai. It’s puzzling to wonder why Khan had decided to continue in the fashion that he did. Really, he was not the crowd pleaser that night.

    Ricci getting dropped by Miles – Congratulations Jesse, you knocked down a weary fighter that had just fought in a 3 round war. Congratulations Ricci – you had KTFO’d a comparatively much fresher fighter; getting up from getting knocked down twice and finishing the fight like a true warrior!

    Do you really want the people on this board to analyze the event to point out the flaws in the judging/advantages given to Miles? I am not the only one, I am one voice of many with the same thoughts. Mr. Miles did not have this “planned”, but he sure had a lot of influence and added advantages to his family member on this card.

    Think objectively Bobby643 and you will find that the truth hurts.

  20. Slurp said

    Jesse’s mad.

    I like the summary dismals of the officals and collusion with both WMC, the promotion and Calgary’s finest. Pathetic.

    Hands of stone took some my thunder away but have no fear I will respond to more of these excuses in time.

    But I will leave with this question – Are you really injured Jesse? Where can one find a Doctor’s exam notes of this new injury?

  21. The Gooch said

    The decision was reviewed at the monthly meeting of the Calgary Combative Sports Commission. (hence the delay in the decision) These meetings ARE open to the public. The result of the decision was sent to the parties involved. I suppose the commission could have sent the results to the local newspapers or tv stations to distribute them publicly, but it likely would have ended up in trash bin as virtually all sports info in Calgary does unless its Calgary Flames or Stampeders related. I don’t know…maybe it was sent to the media. I am certain the ruling was also sent to the WMC (who do a terrible job of maintaining their web page) and the other commissions around North America. The information is out there, but it won’t be found on anonymous forums or hand delivered to John Q. Public’s hotmail account for obvious reasons. The Commission in Calgary is one of the busier ones in the country with 4 or 5 MMA promoters, a couple of boxing promoters and Muay Thai. Commission members are not paid, so there is a limit to how they manage their time with their paying jobs.

    My advice it go to a meeting…get informed on how the process works. First Tuesday of every month at City Hall. Public attendance is generally sparse…I am sure the commission would welcome anyone who attends.

    Regardless of the rule, the referee is able to award the fight however he sees fit, overruling the judges. Meaning the judges could score the event unanimous for Miles and he can still award it to Ricci. In this case, Miles could be saved by the bell, but given the circumstance the referee felt Ricci deserved to win. This is his perogative based on the officiating chain of command. The officials did not overlook the rule, they chose to award the fight Ricci as they thought he deserved the win, regardless of the scorecards or the rule.

    A decision can only be appealed based on a rule violation. Not based on disagreeing with a judges decision. (as in the Khan/Zuniga case) I think Zuniga is a better fighter by far…not sure why he coasted through the first two rounds.

    I do not understand Khan giving up. He was a replacement and pretty far down the line. Jan Kazuba declined due to visa problems as he is currently living, working and training in Japan. Shane Campbell was invited and declined. Adam Higson was booked, but was knocked out in August by Campbell and on medical suspension (probably not the smartest decision on his part to take that fight prior to the qualifier) This is Canada!! There are not that many elite fighters around. In Khan’s defense, he was observing Ramadan…perhaps he should have declined, but none the less I am sure he looked at this as a great opportunity regardless of his level of preparedness.

    Anyway….with the decision being reviewed….I think it should have been declared a draw or no contest. That would have been the right thing to do.

    Jesse is injured for certain. To question this is cowardly.

    By the way…the Commission assigns officials for professional bouts, not the promoter. If you question the legitmacy of the Commission….submit your resume, apply for a position and then run for the chair position. Get a taste of the hours that the Commission put in for FREE. It is pretty easy to get involved.

    PS: The elbow pad rule has been reviewed and are no longer required for professional bouts in Calgary. (This should never have been in place and was only put in years ago, by a commission member on a power trip)

    Everyone questions the WMC. Now I will never say any sanctioning body is perfect, but I would like to hear opinions on which sanctioning body you recommend for professional Muay Thai in North America. WMC is recognized as the authority on Muay Thai…whether that is right or wrong, I am in no position to say.

    IKF if North American…not bad for amateur modified MT. Not sure about for pros. I don’t think they allow elbows.
    WKA is British….somewhat reasonable, but started out as kickboxing association so not a true MT body
    WBC – well…it has “Boxing” in its title, so it is not the best place for MT

    There are tons of others ISKA, WAKO, WMA, WMF….I am sure the list goes on. Who is most reputable and why?

    Who should be the WMC rep for North America if its not Miles? Not sure what professional body sanctions pro MT in Vancouver…I think it is probably a smaller more obscure body. No pro MT in Sask. No pro MT in Manitoba (they don’t allow elbows) No pro MT in Ontario…its illegal (that is a whole other debate) MT is allowed in Quebec, but it is a big boxing and MMA province…so the interest isn’t there.

    So….what pro MT sanctioning body should be used and who should be the rep?

    I am trying to keep this as an intelligent discussion and not just a slam Mike Miles blog if that is ok. Intelligent discussion is likely more productive.

  22. bobby643 said

    The appeal was posted on many of the main boards as well as the decision to overturn it, there you have it as Goosh pointed out it was public, not behind closed doors and to add to it, the judges and refs altho they knew of the saved by the bell rule, decided Ricci deserved the win, meaning they (the judge’s would have scored the final round) leaving the commission cards to go off of. I personally think its rightfully so Ricci was declared the winner by the ref, he did war 3 rounds b4 the fight with Jesse, and being saved by the bell is no way to win, my problem arisies when you discredit the whole tournament, and the promoter simply cuz of some vaseline or elbow pads that you admit fall down all the time. As far as Khan is concerned i agree he didnt show much heart in his fights. But i think we should consider that Zuniga was a favorite in this tournament to win, soo the likelyhood Khan beating Zuniga was minimal if Zuniga showed up, leaving Miles to fight one of the favorites. I also you tubed Goungaye and he has some pretty good tilts for the french title i think you will find he was a solid entrant for the tourney. Soo the judges didn’t forget about this rule, and that is where you say the big conspiracy lies, they chose to ignore it in Ricci’s favor, which is legal, but so is the commisions choice to review the decision made. The easiest way to resolve this is to rematch the fighters on unbias ground, I’m sure both fighters would agree and a promoter should love the sounds of this match up.

  23. David Kunz said

    I am the photographer who took these photos.

    Disclaimer: in NO way am I friends of this discussion, nor am I affilliated with the Mike Miles organization in any way.

    I WILL state for the record as an objective observer that this fight was fought clean and fair. Jessie knocked down Alex several times & clearly won the first two rounds before he himself was knocked down in the third.

    The bell rang by the timekeeper before he was counted out so therefore the judgement ruling goes to points not by knockout.

    According to these rules and governances that are clearly stated in the contest rules and agreed upon by all fighters prior to the bouts, the winner by points would therefore be Jessie Miles.

    In NO WAY was this a controvention of any fight rules or foul play on the part of Mike Miles or any of the organizers of the events. I am not privy to any details regarding re-matches or otherwise and hence will not comment without due dilligence in the matter.

    Opinions are fair to express but are clearly bullshit if one does not know the facts and were to simply base their judgments on circumstantial evidence such are the images I have taken.

    For this reason I request that all accusations be limited to those who witnessed the event or are in posession of clear, indisputable evidence to the contrary.

    Not a request, I demand that any and all of my images be removed for I cannot affort to be part of this rigamarol. If they are to be used I require clear communication of the intent and purpose for which you wish to do so.


    David Kunz

    AvatarA Photography.

  24. dyspnea said

    i think ..Alex Ricci won the fight,,,by Ko,,cuz the referee raise alex hand and the judges’ accepted the decision,,plus the referee give the big trophy to alex,,,and i wonder what happened to the trophy alex give it back

  25. GasTank said

    There should have never been a count to start with. Jesse was out and fucked up bad, Even after 25 seconds Jesse was still trying to get up off of the mat. Everything about this event stunk like shit. Miles is perhaps the biggest Douchebag in all of Muay Thai. Karma is a bitch.
    Hope Jesse gets his ass handed to him in Contender Asia2 cause he does not deserve to be there and he knows it. Bunch of Turd burglars.

  26. ManosdePiedra said

    “A decision can only be appealed based on a rule violation. Not based on disagreeing with a judges decision.”

    I have seen Mr. Miles attempt/successfully appeal many decisions (in his hometown and abroad) whereby he disagreed with the judges decision – winning some appeals and losing others…… Yet, with no rules being violated, how could he appeal such decisions?

  27. NakMuayGuy said

    “The events that I have seen as well as anecdotally elsewhere:
    People with fewer than 3 fights fighting against his Canadian champions.”

    That was from the long post above, and I can back that up. I was set to fight a guy for my second time out and was told he was 2-2 Modified Muay Thai. They left out the part about his “kickboxing” record, of which he was a N.American Champ!

    On top of that they called a few days before the fight and told me I’d need to pad my record or would be forced to fight with headgear, shinguards etc. or maybe even not at all. It had nothing to do with the reasons given, just so that it looked more even for his guy. The crowd heard 2-2 and 3-1, but really it was 7-2 and 1-0.

  28. Slurpy said

    Miles is full of shit. I’ve seen him around very recently looking pretty fit (and fat) as usual. I think he injured his spine. Nonetheless I knew the Miles’ clan were going to try to screw Ricci yet again and they did.

  29. Slurpy said

    I like all these excuses and how the relationship with the Commission, the sanction, the promoter, trainer and everything else is tidily ignored by the army of liars with Miles. No wonder everyone laughs about Canadian Muay Thai when they think of Muay Thai in Canada at all.

  30. The Gooch said

    NakMuayGuy…who did were you supposed to fight? Did you end up taking the fight?

    Who asked you to pad your record? What year was that? Without some facts and specifics your statement has less merit.

  31. Ramone said

    ….apparently the record padding has occured so often that the year and opponents for whom the records were padded against were too numerous….

  32. r stone said

    You can not argue that at Miles’ events his fighters win 90% of the fights. Is this because they are better trained or is it mismatching? When the local guy trains, manages, promotes and books the events it looks fishy.

    The best fighter Miles’ had was Roy Lilley and he died young. Trevor is a good fighter, Nick Ring and Chaw Saywer also have good talent. But you have to wonder when Miles’ reputation is slandered by so many people.
    If it looks like a duck,walks like a duck and smells like a duck its usually a duck….

  33. Slurpy said

    Slander by definition is lying. No one here is lying. Trevor got killed in the Contender and Jesse will too. I only hope whoever fights him doesn’t carry him the way Narupoel Carried Trevor.

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