You call this a Win?

November 18, 2008

How is it possible for this man to be declared winner?



November 18, 2008

Hello all and welcome to the freewrld blog. This blog is dedicated to all the people who have been screwed over by Mike Miles at his fight promotions, at weigh ins, during match making etc. The purpose of this blog is to raise awareness to people on an International level of the behind the scene shenanigans that goes on during fight promotions here in Canada.

Since our latest topic of conversation was banned on a public forum. So myself and a group of other dedicated muay thai enthusiasts and competitors have decided to discuss Miles fraudulent tactics elsewhere.

Miles former students are invited to take part in this discussion, as they are fully aware of his crookedness on a personal level.

I would like to start off by talking about the Contender Canada Qualifier that took place on Sept. 20, 2008 at the telus convention center in Calgary.

During this event there were numerous suspicious activites that questioned the credibility, of the entire show. The name drawing, the ringside supervisor, Miles Jr. getting a freebee to the finales and winning by getting TFKO all clearly demonstrate this.

Let the video speak for itself.

I for one will continue to protest this until the WMC will understand that no one in Canada is going to continue to tolerate this kind of corruption in the muay thai scene.